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  Following are samples of the questions from the Teasers section of Bible Quiz for Princes and Princeses:
1. Which one of these sins is unpardonable?
A word against the Son of Man
Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

2. Which generation(s) would God punish children/grandchildren for the sins of their forefathers?
To the third generation
To the fourth generation
To the third and fourth generation
To the fourth and fifth generation
To the fifth and sixth generation

3. How many descendants of King Saul were killed for a sin they knew nothing about?
Three descendants
Four descendants
Seven descendants
Seventeen descendants
Six descendants

4. Why did Job want God to punish the sinners themselves?
To show that he does it because of their sins
For sinners to feel the wrath of Almighty God
Job saw no reason for his torment
A and B
None of the above

5. Which king had his thumbs and big toes cut off as he had done to seventy other kings?

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