Segun Ibitoye

Segun Ibitoye is a Mathematician turned Publisher, Web Designer, Mobile App Designer/Developer, and Christian Games Enthusiast. His new game is currently going through playtesting. He writes about Christian Living and related topics. In addition to his creative works, he enjoys teaching in the Bible Class and Sunday School and also has a passion for photography.

He is methodical and efficient in organising and teaching in the Bible Class. One of his core skills is the use of clear and effective communication to ease understanding. "What is the point of writing an article or a book meant for all classes of people when only a few can comprehend the vocabulary?" asks Segun.

His books on positive life-changing subjects have provided help to a wide array of readers because they span a breadth of topics and biblical material. What’s more, they are enjoyable to read. His approach to each topic is designed to motivate the reader to study the bible and, if so desired, prepare the reader to preach, teach, and answer questions about the various positive, life-changing subjects contained in his books that are usually discussed only during bible study.

Segun lives in London, England. If you would like to contact him, send an email to

Oops! He is the founder of AGODSONEAR Publications.

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